Holding Oven

Swati ovens are offering you the best series of storage ovens for various industrial purposes. Our products are gaining appreciation from Clients. We provide you with the best quality Ovens which are durable and efficient. It comes with various welding storage options. We deliver it across various cities in India.

Swati Holding ovens have high performance at the highest level. We assure smooth service for various industries. We present you with simple and easy-to-use holding ovens. We customize the product as per the needs of the client and have a wide range of collections available.

Features of Holding Oven

The holding oven uses the heated exhausted gas of the welding machine engine and maintains the elevated temperature. It prevents the absorption of moisture which can affect the quality of the weld. Holding Oven comes with a variety of features-

  • Holding ovens regulates the temperature as per needed.
  • It has a holding capacity of more than 500 kg.
  • It has heated storage for electrodes which goes low on hydrogen and possesses metal arc welding.
  • It has a hygroscopic coating flux.
  • It withstands temperatures of 100 C – 300 C.
  • It has a welding electrode having hydrogen worth 7018 or 6013.
  • It has a digitally adjustable microprocessor.
  • You can easily read the temperature in a 4-digit format.
  • It has a manual temperature control system.

Why choose Swati Oven?

Swati oven is a wonderful solution for welding professionals. We provide you with the best quality Holding oven. It has all the functions available. We provide you with a wide range of collections at wholesale prices. Swati holding ovens comes with simple features and its very easy to operate. We are glad to provide our clients with a simple and efficient holding oven. We have a variety of purpose-built shelving for keeping various welding consumables. Let your experience get smooth with Swati ovens. So, don’t think twice and get the super quality Holding oven just at Swati Ovens.